Friday, 12 July 2013

NOW LAUNCHING; AySes Dunya's new CUSTOM Handmade RECYCLED Clothing line; Cleo's Cloak 'n' Dazzle~!

UPDATE: OKEEDOKEE, things are spinning on the work floor of Rrustic Casting's Studio and we are in the mix of major RENOVATIONS, so PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR PICS AND PRICES OF EACH ITEM~! <<SHOULD BE READY BY APRIL-MAY>>

*to learn more about this Wellness Worker/Artisan Designer please visit her Umbrella Mainframe*
and/or visit her Testimonial Tree to see what others think of her works~! 

The fabrics, the quality, and the style of This line started from within her imagination and her inspirations from all that she admired. The first presentation of this was brought about by a contest with Fairies Pyjamas, where she won 3rd place for her 4 piece outfit. This development led to the decision to take a passionate hobby that every woman deploys~which is the love of FASHION~!  &  Being that AySes is an artisan herself with her present lines out there under her umbrella called Rrustic Casting, well you can see how this is all right up her alley. To organically give birth and life to this RECYCLED CLOTHING LINE and bring it into existence into her already extensive collection of creations. 
which you can learn more about at her switch board

... She believes that nothing is new anymore, & we are all recycling stuff... or at the very least this is what she tries to use as a line of reasoning while she re-NEWs, re-GROWs, re-WORKs her ideas into all that she creates. Something both her grandmothers taught her at a young age.

The end result is inspired from Elizabeth Taylor's starring role in Cleopatra~ with a cloak in Leopard patching, a hoodie with some dynamics to change the style and feel of the hood by simply changing how you tie it, it became her idea of a cloak for all occasions. All 4 pieces to this outfit can be interchangable with any woman's wardrobe, as they were meant to be. These are only, HOWEVER. the beginning of the BRAND LINE Cleo's Cloak'n'Dazzle.

In this next while you will start to see new additions into the fold. so keep checking back with us for updates. ;) ;)  of our photo shoot here we present a few examples of how this outfit interchanges; a leopard leather skirt addition, black leather skirt waist pocket belt, and a small little leopard hat= all examples are from Fairies Pyjamas. This is to show you example IDEAS of how it can be incorporated into your current style and wardrobe. Adding the RECYCLED, & REWORKED FABRICS into our Cleo's Cloak 'n' Dazzle CLOTHING LINE we hope to bring into the line our LOVE OF Steam Punk and Gothic assembles.

OUR MISSION: what does Custom made mean?
1>AySes will HANDSEW the outfit together per order, no pre-made
mass production will be used, but it will not be super costly either.

2>HOW CAN YOU MAKE HOMEMADE CUSTOM CLOTHING AT AFFORDABLE COMPETITIVE PRICES? By using only RE~purposed, RE~worked, & Re~cycled CLOTHING from which the world is OVER FILLED WITH we can cut the cost of buying new and be ECO~Friendly too~!

and all of them have amazing fabrics that are simply discarded not because they are worth~less but because as a result of MASS PRODUCTION and the public's rise of throw outs for various reasons the piles just became TOO HUGE FOR WORDS~! SO the MISSION HERE IS USE WHAT IS ALREADY HERE< MAKING FOR YOU A DYNAMIC, MAGIKAL CREATION while at the same time HELPING THE PLANET WITH THE EXCHANGE, ONE ORDER AT A TIME~!

PRICELIST & full array of items for sale to order COMING SOON~!


In the MEANTIME.... Let's check out the First Multi-layered outfit~!

Our Model for this photo-shoot is Ashly Metcalf.
Location; Private  backyard at  AySes' home

Pieces of the outfit include four items;
Cleo's *Cloak
       *Dazzle droplet skirt
       *Cat print droplet skirt
       *Dazzler off the shoulder-long tear~drop sleeves top.

This outfit would look great in different colours with different cat prints. the cloak IS THE BOMB with its versatility in changing into 3 different styles simply by adjusting how you tie it back as well. Its all pretty awesome to say the least...imagine= you could be buying your very own produced originals of this outfit~! YIPPEE, HOORAY :)*as a bonus if you have fabric of your own you would like me to use that holds sentimental energy, or there is a piece of cat print you have held onto even though the item is not working presently for you i will take them into the fold and RE~new them for you~!!!* are you curious yet? lol...we hope your imaginations are bursting with LUV LUV LUV cause that is what we aim to do.

Videos of the different stylings can be found on YouTube at;

click on any pic to enlarge for a full viewing slideshow that you can move with your arrow buttons.

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